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Kevin Webb is a Joseph Jefferson Award winning Chicago actor/singer who grew up in Corinth, Mississippi. Kevin went studied vocal music performance at The University of Mississippi (Ole Miss). Though his studies focused on opera, he found many opportunities to cross over to the Theatre Department for classes and productions. He also continued to welcome more people into his theatre family, including his boyfriend Derek Van Barham.

After receiving his degree from Ole Miss, Kevin headed to Chicago.  He received his Masters in Music from the Chicago College of Performing Arts at Roosevelt University, where he studied with acclaimed operatic performers Richard Stilwell and Samuel Ramey. After receiving graduate degree, Kevin really began to dive into the Chicago theatre scene.

Kevin has been seen performing all over Chicagoland with many companies including Court Theatre, Porchlight Music Theatre, Kokandy Productions, Theo Ubique Cabaret Theatre, Pride Films & Plays, Black Button Eyes Productions, BoHo Theatre, Trap Door Theatre, Circle Theatre, Interrobang Theatre Project and several other wonderful companies.


When not performing, Kevin can be seen walking dogs all over Chicago. His family has always had dogs and he really enjoys spending his days with all these silly, adorable pups. Plus, they make excellent scene partners when Kevin needs to run lines! 

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