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Amour - Black Button Eyes Productions

"over the top funny."

-Bill Esler (BuzzNews Chicago)

"The always brilliant Kevin Webb is, once again, spectacular”

-Colin Douglas (Chicago Theatre Review)

"Webb is amusingly nasty as the mean Boss”

-Mark Davidson (Chicago Theater Beat)

Angry Fags - Pride Films & Plays/Steppenwolf Garage Rep

"Webb and Nedrud play off one another quite amusingly..."

-Kris Vire (Time Out Chicago)

"Kevin Webb and James Nedrud charm and frighten. Webb gives us an ostensibly gentle character, equipped with great cunning and as capable of violence as are we all."

-Aaron Hunt (Newcity Stage)

"[Kevin Webb] gave an intense and vulnerable performance "

-Lawrence Riordan (Around the Town)

Assassins - The GoForth Productions/The Viaduct

“[Billy Pacholski] cast some fine young talent in Kevin Webb (who plays Booth) .”

-Chris Jones (Chicago Tribune)

"It’s almost shocking how much Webb looks as if he just stepped out of a mid­ 19th century daguerreotype. With a feverish affect that hints at both despair and grandiosity, he’s the corporeal embodiment of a tortured soul.”

-Catey Sullivan (Chicago Sun Times)

“...a divine John Wilkes Booth with great facial expressiveness"

-Alan Bresloff (Around the Town Chicago)

"[Webb's] voice is crisp and pleasant...his voice is surprisingly full and deep-rooted."

-Johnny Oleksinski (Newcity Stage)

Bite - Pride Films & Plays

"Kevin Webb’s Oberon, whose powerful yet expertly controlled tenor absolutely soars in his renditions of Years & Years’ “King” and The Scissor Sisters’ “She’s My Man,”"

-Bryson David Hoff (Chicagoland Musical Theatre)

"standout performances by Cleveland, Webb and Cooper, who embody their famed characters in wit, drama and shade so strong they can make the sun set. "

-Danielle Levsky (NewCity Chicago)

"Whether confronting the un-reality of an aging, changing relationship, or looking back on queer history in the U.S., Cleveland and Webb do not disappoint."

-Lucas Garcia (Third Coast Review)

Cabaret - Cowardly Scarecrow Theatre Company

"The obvious highlights are Kevin Webb...Webb's Emcee glares at the audience. It feels half like a come on and half like a condemnation. He, apparently alone, knows how the show and the decade end, and in his songs, he doesn't let you look away from what's happening, but also seems to be inviting you to dance anyway. It's a tall order for an actor, and I don't envy anyone who has to follow Alan Cumming's Tony Award winning performance in the 1998 revival, but Webb holds his own."

-Kevin Curran (Chicago Theatre Review)


"Kevin Webb hams it up as the leering, pansexual Emcee."

-Dmitry Samarov (Chicago Reader) 

Coraline - Black Button Eyes Productions

"...there are several well-crafted performances here, including...Kevin Webb as the black cat who serves as Coraline's faithful but faintly contemptuous black-cat spirit guide"

-Kerry Reid (Chicago Tribune)

"Kevin Webb, perfectly preening as the fedora-clad cat."

-Kris Vire (Time Out Chicago)

"Kevin Webb becomes a slinky, salacious, sarcastic cat with an honest simplicity that is his stock ­in­ trade.”

-Aaron Hunt (Newcity Stage)

"Kevin Webb, who has to turn around three times to make a shadow, is hilarious and agile as a ballet dancer as the sarcastic Black Cat. Never has “Me­ow” been uttered with such disdain and droll humor."

-Colin Douglas (Chicago Theatre Review)

“the show doesn’t give us nearly enough of the perfectly disdainful, impeccably dressed Kevin Webb"

-Christine Malcom (Edge Chicago)

Design for Living - Pride Films & Plays

"The magnetic, multitalented Kevin Webb, is stylish and chic as Leo. Appearing very comfortable in this character’s skin, Mr. Webb radiates confident arrogance and superiority in everything he says and does... [his] manner and style are absolutely flawless."

-Colin Douglas (Chicago Theatre Review)

"As Coward’s reflection, Webb is a flamboyant enormously magnetic character."

-Clint May (Chicago Theater Beat)

"Webb and Gall are a wonderful comedic pair, sharing a chemistry that makes their scenes together an absolute joy."

-Christopher Kidder-Mostrom (Newcity Stage)

"[Webb and Gall are] fun to watch, especially given both actors' flair for articulate hysteria."

-Zac Thompson (Chicago Reader)


Dr. Horrible’s Sing Along Blog - Black Button Eyes Productions


“Webb is beyond excellent here. His facial expressions alone would make the show worth seeing as he fawns after Penny…

None of this would be the same without Webb, who shows us multiple sides to his bad guy character. From ridiculous attempts at a “bwahaha” villainous laugh to comically wimpy efforts to make light conversation with Penny to trying desperately to get a remote-controlled van…Webb takes the show on his shoulders and makes us care for Dr. Horrible, no matter how despicable his actions and desires may be.”

-Karen Topham (Chicago Onstage)


“Kevin Webb as the titular Doctor is able to throw in delightfully manic energy to make his performance more distinctive (plus a gorgeous singing voice to boot)”

-Ben Kaye (NewCity Chicago)


“Kevin Webb stars as the titular Dr. Horrible, and he is deliciously diabolical to watch. From the cartoonishly exaggerated highs and lows of his outbursts, to the sensitive intensity of his resolve, Webb creates a villain fitting of the very best serial publications”

-Quinn Rigg (Chicagoland Musical Theatre)


“Kevin Webb is outstanding in his role as Dr. Horrible, an aspiring villain. He holds the story together with his marvelous singing and his wide ability to engage the audience with his patter and humor.”

-Julia W. Rath (Around the Town)


The Duchess of Malfi - Trap Door Theatre

"As one of the sneering, sycophantic dandies on Ferdinand’s royal court, Kevin Webb is a standout. Webb not only reminds us that villainy can exist in even in the most cherubic forms, but he also showcases a pleasing tenor singing voice in a brief musical selection."

-Tom Lawler (The Fourth Walsh)  

It's Only A Play - Pride Films & Plays

"Webb has a wonderful time with both Peter's grand, long-winded speeches about the spirit of Broadway and his overwhelming anxiety."

-Karen Topham (Chicago On Stage)

"the hopeful playwright Peter Austin (the thoroughly entertaining Kevin Webb)."

-Andrea Cain (PerformInk)

The Killer - Trap Door Theatre 

*Joseph Jefferson Award nomination (Supporting Performer in a Play)​

"Eduoard (Kevin Webb, in a finely-honed performance that stays just this side of going too far over the top)"

-Kerry Reid (Chicago Tribune)

"Kevin Webb as Edouard, besides being delightfully creepy, does a particularly good job of taking the repetitive, meaningless prose and thrusting some logic into it with flair, and as a result he elicits most of the show's genuine laughs"

-Aaron Lockman (PerformInk)

"Edouard (a satisfyingly creepy performance by Kevin Webb)"

-Nancy Bishop (Third Coast Review)

Marie Christine - BoHo Theatre

“standouts include...Kevin Webb, whose comedic timing stands out even as he flits through as a gossipy party goer”

-Rachel Simon (Theatre by Numbers)


Mary Rose - Black Button Eyes Productions 

*Joseph Jefferson nomination (Supporting Performer in a Musical)


“There are some lovely songs here and the cast features a couple of excellent singers (most notably, Kevin Webb).”

-Chris Jones (Chicago Tribune)


“But it is Kevin Webb as the Chaplain who walks away with the show, and a good thing, too, because he is the most realistic character in the piece, and most definitely the audience’s way into the parlor. Webb continues to grow in his art as an actor, and his warm tenor voice is taking on greater color and emotional range over time. Webb’s performance alone is enough reason to see the show.”

-Aaron Hunt (NewCity Chicago)


“two excellent singing actors, Stephanie Stockstill and Kevin Webb, as Mary and Harry. Besides their fine voices, their emotional authenticity brings gravity to what could have been unbearably twee material.”

-Albert Williams (Chicago Reader)


“Mr. Webb is again superb as the Chaplain. His gorgeous, velvety voice and superb dramatic skill lends itself particularly well to this musical production. The intensity with which he plays this role, especially in his musical monologue “What Am I Doing Here?” drives the story-within-the-story and delivers a powerful, unexpected punch at the end.”

-Colin Douglas (Chicago Theatre Review)

Myths and Hymns - BoHo Theatre

"The soaring, rapturous melodies and complex harmonies are beautifully, sometimes stunningly sung by Kevin Webb and Elizabeth Telford”

-Albert Williams (Chicago Reader)

“Mr. Webb has a lovely voice and is sweetly perfect as he moves through the story... His rich voice and superb acting are engaging to watch.”

-Lazlo Collins (Chicago Theatre Review)

"Kevin Webb (who I am starting to believe is one of the best young dramatic tenors in town... I know I’ll be calling him if I am ever directing a musical)."

-Christopher Kidder­-Mostrom (Theatre by Numbers)  

Nevermore - Black Button Eyes Productions

"there is a deep dive into ersatz Poedom to enjoy here, as executed by the hugely talented Kevin Webb in the lead role"

-Chris Jones (Chicago Tribune)

“the always incredible Kevin Webb...portrays Poe from age six to adulthood with aplomb, giving the character a trembling vulnerability and a determination to win with the hand he’s dealt, that slowly erodes as life gets the better of him.”

-Lauren Whalen (Chicago Theater Beat)

“Kevin Webb delivers a heartfelt performance throughout and demonstrates an impressive vocal range.”

-Bec Willett (PerformInk)

“Mr. Webb mesmerizes in the title role...his appearance feels almost supernatural. That Webb also has a vocal range that soars to the rafters is yet one more reason to see this young man; but it’s the hurt and humility, seen through this talented actor’s eyes, that allow him to deliver the story of Edgar Allan Poe into each theatergoer’s heart. “

-Colin Douglas (Chicago Theatre Review)

“Webb is great at finding those childhood fears, but he really shines when given the chance to grow up. His beautiful singing voice is compelling...throughout the show. He’s also a fine actor and dancer.”

-Karen Topham (Chicago Onstage)

Nightmares & Nightcaps - Black Button Eyes Productions

"A mysterious man (played by the dynamic Black Button Eyes regular Kevin Webb)"

-Alex Huntsberger (Time Out Chicago)

"Dweller, played with self-deprecating world weariness by Kevin Webb...melts into different roles in the stories he tells, capturing Collier's tone and his characters' physical and verbal traits with seemingly effortless poise."

-Kerstin Broockmann (Chicago Stage Standard)

"a wonderful master of ceremonies taking us through a series of unusual, Twilight Zone-ish tales and equally strong when taking part in them"

-Karen Topham (Windy City Times)

"Kevin Webb delightfully mysterious as The Dweller...His performance as the seller of potions is spot on and devilishly delightful."

-Quinn Delaney (PlaylistHQ)

The Pitchfork Disney - Interrobang Theatre Project

“...special praise has to be given to Webb’s electric performance as Cosmo. His seductiveness is matched only by the flashes of sick brutality. His Cosmo is so disturbing in that he is the show’s most singularly plausible monster. One could imagine meeting him in a dark alley and not running before it was too late."

-Alex Huntsberger (Centerstage Chicago)

“Webb’s slim physique and sly movements give Cosmo an almost snake­ like presence, a nice fit for a character with some very satanic undertones.”

-Oliver Sava (Chicago Theater Beat)

"Webb [held] the room in the palm of his black­-manicured hand”

-Beth Dugan (Edge Chicago)

“Webb commands the space with a brilliant confidence. It is difficult to pry your eyes off of him...”

-Rebecca Blackmore (


Princess Ivona - Trap Door Theatre

“Kevin Webb as Lord Chamberlain delivers a masterful performance of an arch toady who camouflages his brilliance and manipulates his superiors into becoming their darker selves.”

-Angela Allyn (Chicago Stage and Screen)


“Kevin Webb is very fun as the prissily scheming Lord Chamberlain (with a weird glove fetish)”

-Scott C. Morgan (Windy City Times)


“the Chamberlain played brilliantly...He literally sparkled on stage, transforming from one character to another.”

-Barbara Maksymiuk (Pakamera Chicago)

The Pragmatists - Trap Door Theatre

"Kevin Webb, who plays Plasfodor, is a master of agility and physical humor"

-Nancy S Bishop (Third Coast Review)

"Enjoy Zeljko Djukic's clever staging and his physically agile performers, the lead performer being Kevin Webb as the put upon very Chaplinesque protagonist"

-Jonathan Abarbanel (The Dueling Critics)

"All the performers are marvelous-- particularly the leads, Webb and Surney, who are absolutely convincing in pursuit of something unclear."

-Mary Wisniewski (NewCity Chicago)

Reality Theatre - Trap Door Theatre

"Arthur (the Dorian Gray-inspired character) played by Kevin Webb appears to channel a Netflix favorite, (Schitt's Creek character) Moira, infused with Neil Patrick Harris-intensity"

-Lauren Lynch (Picture This Post)

The Resistible Rise of Arturo Ui - Trap Door Theatre

*Joseph Jefferson Award nomination (Ensemble)

"Actors Casey Chapman and Kevin Webb also give standout turns as two of Ui’s chief flunkies, Roma (as in Ernst Rohm) and Gobola (Joseph Goebells)... Webb unearths the oozing black pustule at the center of his [character]."

-Alex Huntsberger (Time Out Chicago)

"Casey Chapman, Bill Gordon, and Kevin Webb play gangland versions of Ernst Röhm, Hermann Göring, and Joseph Goebbels with sinister comedic pizazz."

-Jacob Davis (Around the Town)

The Secret Garden - Court Theatre

"Kevin Webb brings a gravity and depth to Mary’s late father, Captain Albert Lennox."

-Lauren Whalen (Chicago Theater Beat)

"Kevin Webb, whose incomparable voice makes him deserving of a starring role in the near future."

-Colin Douglas (Chicago Theatre Review)

"The strong-voiced James Earl Jones II and Kevin Webb particularly stand out…”

-Scott C. Morgan (Windy City Times)

Shockheaded Peter - Black Button Eyes Productions

"the crucial narrative role of the emcee [is handled exceptionally well]. Kevin Webb takes risks”

-Chris Jones (Chicago Tribune)

"...a Master of Ceremonies (the wonderful Kevin Webb), the self-proclaimed greatest actor in the world, whose naked egotism continually interferes with the proceedings but also provides the show its most recognizably human moments."

-Alex Huntsberger (Time Out Chicago)  

"big laughs from an inspired and over the top performance by the very serious actor Kevin one will ever see Kevin Webb again without remembering his hair-raising and beautiful work."

-Ruth Smerling (TheatreWorld Internet Magazine)

"Shakespeare-quoting MC (fine work by a disconcertingly charismatic Kevin Webb)”

-Barbara Vitello (Daily Herald)

"the gifted and prolific Kevin Webb...who drips theatricality in this role...He is, in a word, magnificent."

-Colin Douglas (Chicago Theatre Review)

"the Master of Ceremonies...played with wonderful affectation by Kevin Webb. Webb’s performance, which incorporated just the right amount of physical theater to make the sinister Master of Ceremonies an impish, Puck figure, kept the audience laughing and ready for the next twisted tale."

-Rachel Simon (Theatre by Numbers)

"The stand out star of the production is Webb as the show’s Cabaret-emcee-on-steroids ringleader. With a posh, feathered top hat, a fabulous upper-crust British accent and a coy and self-indulgent demeanor, this master of ceremonies is a master of comedic timing. His sparkling antics provide the necessary comic relief to balance the show’s morbidity."

-Jane Recker (Chicagoland Musical Theatre)

Songs from an Unmade Bed - Pride Films & Plays

*Joseph Jefferson Award nomination (Principal Actor in a Musical)

"Phelps and Webb deliver a pair of seductive performances"

-Kris Vire (Time Out Chicago)

"Kevin Webb and Jordan Phelps are phenomenal singers and acted through their pieces more strongly than most actors can with just straight lines...together they made a musical I wish I could go back and see again."

-Christopher Kidder-Mostrom (Theatre by Numbers)

"Superbly enacted by Jordan Phelps and Kevin Webb...Cute and acute, both performers act out every nuance as forcefully and honestly as they sing out every note."

-Lawrence Bommer (Chicago Theater Beat)

“Kevin Webb and Jordan Phelps gave tour de force performances."

-Tom Williams (ChicagoCritic)

"Kevin Webb is a wonderful comic foil to Jordan Phelps’ bubbling-under-the-surface quiet guy. Both look great in their underpants, sing beautifully, morph effortlessly between musical styles, and fall into each other like cream bleeds into coffee."

-Aaron Hunt (Newcity Stage)

Sweeney Todd - Kokandy Productions 

*Joseph Jefferson Award (Principal Performer in a Musical) 

*Joseph Jefferson nomination (Ensemble in a Musical)


“Kevin Webb and Caitlin Jackson. They nail to the wall the famously witty Act 1 close, “A Little Priest,” because they make you believe in its spontaneous invention. But that’s not even their main quality: they also evidence a kind of avaricious desperation, clinging to each other in a relentless drive to control their circumstances. So consumed is Webb, you don’t feel like Sweeney is really making any decisions but merely reacting to changing circumstances as potential peace slips further and further away. It’s perfect for this most tragic of Broadway musicals.”

-Chris Jones (Chicago Tribune)


“Webb brings a torrent of torment to every well-executed note and refrain”

-Catey Sullivan (Chicago Reader)


“Webb contorts his body in fits and twitches as if he truly is possessed. It is unsettling, unnerving and simply perfect for the character.”

-Misha Davenport (BroadwayWorld Chicago)


“Kevin Webb and Caitlin Jackson are very very strong as Sweeney and Mrs. Lovett….they’ve been performing for so long, but Caitlin Jackson and Kevin Webb, these are career high points to see them in these roles. “

-Jonathan Abarbanel & Kerry Reid (The Dueling Critics) 


“Kevin Webb and Caitlin Jackson star as Sweeney Todd and Mrs. Lovett. Both give truly outstanding performances”

-Sarz Maxwell (Buzz Center Stage)


“a twitchy unholy terror, especially as he sings so rapturously while racking up a body count”

-Patrick O’Brien (Chicagoland Musical Theatre)


“Webb and Jackson shine in their lead roles with powerhouse vocals”

-Lisa Trifone (Third Coast Review)


“Kevin Webb as Sweeney Todd is fantastic. That role demands so much energy. The fact that he is sustaining that level of emotional drive, and musical prowess for nearly three hours is so incredible.”

-Heather Chrisler (Chicago Stage and Screen)


“Caitlin Jackson and Kevin Webb are outstanding leads, both vocally and dramatically.”

-Christine M. Malcom (Talkin’ Broadway)


Sweeney Todd - Theo Ubique Cabaret Theatre

“Kevin Webb proves himself a talent to watch. There’s a flickering moment when the Judge reveals his marriage plans to the Beadle. Just for an instant, the Beadle registers absolute revulsion In a blink, the mask goes back on and the Beadle is again an oily sycophant with a crocodile grin. It’s a small moment that reveals a lot about Webb’s prowess.”

-Catey Sullivan (Chicago Sun Times)

“Kevin Webb steals the show...His every line, gesture and vocalization are perfectly executed, earning him some of the biggest laughs in the show.”

-Sheri Flanders (PerformInk)

“Kevin times a foppishly serpentine Beadle”

-Alex Huntsberger (Time Out Chicago)

“As the political lackey Beadle, Kevin Webb take a role that is usually portrayed as a bumbling henchman and instead portrays him as a master manipulator. His character comes off as a bigger threat to Sweeney's plans than does the Judge...It works.”

-Misha Davenport (BroadwayWorld Chicago)

“A highlight involves Webb’s rendition of “Sweet Polly Plunkett” in which the actor lets out his full repertoire of comic mannerisms to further define the corrupt but ineffectual beadle.”

-Karen Topham (Chicago Onstage)

Sweeney Todd - Porchlight Music Theatre

"Kevin Webb’s gloriously sung and acted blackmailer, Adolfo Pirelli, is spot­ on. Mastering two dialects as the tonsorial artist and scoundrel...Mr. Webb is superb."

-Colin Douglas (Chicago Theatre Review)

"Kevin Webb, in a marvelous comic opera turn as a flamboyant Italian barber who competes with Todd in a public display of barberism"

-Albert Williams (Chicago Reader)

"Standouts include Kelli Harrington as the Beggar Woman and Kevin Webb as the weasily Adolfo Pirelli."

-Robert Bullen (Huffington Post)

"Kevin Webb's Pirelli vocally sizzles...(The decision to cut the second verse of Pirelli's aria is a loss to the evening)."

-Aaron Hunt (Newcity Stage)

"Kevin Webb's nearly rubber physicality in the role of Pirelli brings much light into the first act."

-John J. Accrocco (Chicago Culture Vultures)

The View UpStairs - Circle Theatre

“Webb shines as Wes with a performance grounded in sincerity, wit, and wonder. Whether he's incredibly animated or completely still, Webb's emotions pour out and envelop us at each turn.”

-Patrick Rybarczyk (BroadwayWorld Chicago)

“Kevin Webb...through his honest and emotionally varied performance, plays Wes”

-Karen Topham (Chicago Onstage) 


“Webb is all high octane glitz and glamour... Once again, as in almost every production he appears, Kevin Webb owns this musical.”

-Colin Douglas (Chicago Theatre Review)


“Webb is remarkable in his ability to go from annoying social media whore to sensitive and lovable by the end of the show, leading the cast with powerful vocals and a hypnotic presence.”

-Josh Flanders (Chicagoland Musical Theatre) 


“Angelic voice and fierce eyeliner”

-Lauren Whalen (Chicago Theater Beat)


“In a surefire performance, Webb approaches Wes from the right distance. When he makes a fool of himself, we never laugh at him without fondness; when he cites a litany of Trump-era uncertainties, we hear in his voice the tremble of conviction.”

-Evan Hill (Chicago Stage Standard)


Waking Lazarus - Prologue Theatre

"The highlight for me came in the form of sarcastic comedy and songs delivered by Kevin Webb, who plays Tex. His charisma and stage presence directed straight at the audience was engaging and energizing. It was incredibly enjoyable to watch Webb bring Tex to life on stage."

-Naima Dawson (PerformInk)  

Whisper House - Black Button Eyes Productions

"The ghosts...both of whom have excellent voices"

-Chris Jones (Chicago Tribune)

"these compelling ghouls are played with aplomb by Mikaela Sullivan and Kevin Webb"

-Angela Allyn (Chicago Stage Standard)

"two creepy and malicious, but extremely fun ghosts, played by powerhouse singers Kevin Webb and Mikaela Sullivan"

-Rory Leahy (Far Off Loop) 

WOZ - Victory Gardens/Stage 773

"Kevin Webb brings physical comedy chops and a soaring voice to Dorothy’s BFF, the Scarecrow. In Webb’s take, the straw man is in need of more than a brain. In fact he’s got a little extra stuffing in his pants for James Nedrud’s Tin Man...The two actors exhibit fluid chemistry, no surprise having witnessed them perform together in Pride Films and Plays 2015 winner, “Angry Fags.” Their dramatic skills were on full display in that work, but I had no idea Webb and Nedrud could sing and dance like a couple of impish angels."

-Becky Sarwate (Edge Chicago)

"The hysterically funny Kevin Webb, who plays the Scarecrow as very, very gay, steals every scene he’s in"

-Carol Moore (Spotlight on Lake)

"the scarecrow (adorably portrayed by Kevin Webb, who appears to own every scene he steals from the other cast members)"

-Alan Bresloff (Around the Town Chicago)

"Kevin Webb provides the bulk of laughs in his role as the thoroughly camp and effortlessly witty Scarecrow, proving that he is much more than just a well-tuned set of vocal chords."

-Bryson David Hoff (Chicagoland Musical Theatre)

“Kevin Webb, whose facial contortions had me chuckling all night”

-Dave McGuire (Showbiz Chicago)

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